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the cutest lighter ever.
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Disney gifs here
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Boom. on We Heart It.
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I can relate to this
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relatable posts daily?
"I am curious as to how people find their better half; how they can tell if it really is forever. Does it really require being hurt? Does it mean putting up with them even if they would not even listen to you? Does it mean accepting everything even if it is against your will? Does it really have to be unfair? I know that love ain’t perfect, but I do not know how they were able to endure it. I do not know how much they extended their patience. I do not know how they were able to forget about self-respect, and be as low as possible, just to save a dwindling love. I do not know if it is still love which keeps them together, or maybe they just do not have any other choice."A (via escafeism)
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